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The Beginning of Our Journey


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In the very beginning of our ePortfolio journey, we wanted students to have ownership of their work. We knew student assignments were handed in to different courses (i.e. through our BlackBoard learning management system, attached via email or handed in hard-copy). But educational leaders and teacher candidates did not necessarily make connections between courses or reflect in a personal, collaborative or systematic way on their own goals and learning. Student ownership of their work and learning was an important factor in the early semesters of our pilot projects.

We also aimed to use ePortfolios as an educational tool for graduate students to document academic and professional development; to archive and showcase work; and to reflect on and organize learning artifacts in alignment with programmatic goals, objectives and national standards. As noted throughout this website, national professional standards and accreditation demands are paramount in Schools of Education. Therefore, as our pilot projects were designed, faculty recognized that ePortfolios could also assist in meeting these reporting and assessment demands.

Finally, in many programs teacher candidates completed paper portfolios, collecting exemplar work, creating binders of lesson plans, work and assignments for a final evaluation prior to graduation. It became increasingly clear that the power and potential of digital portfolios opened opportunities to share work with peers, other instructors and future employers – reaching an authentic audience far beyond the scope of a paper binder portfolio model.

And thus, our journey began.

What We Do includes some of the paths we traveled.

Visit What We’ve Learned to see where we are today and where we hope to go.

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