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Students Showcase ePortfolios at the LUTE Awards Ceremony


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At the annual LUTE Awards ceremony we honor our graduates and celebrate the successes of our programs. Additionally, through a nominating process we recognize individual students in each program (teachers, counselors or school building leaders) who are dedicated to educating for equity; realizing potential; empowering learners; and affirming diversity in urban schools.

IMG_1649Since 2010, we have also showcased the work and achievements of graduates who completed outstanding ePortfolios. Each year with a lobby of computers displaying individual ePortfolios, our graduates talk about their achievements and the impact the ePortfolio had on their learning, professional identity and skills. Each of these graduates are granted an award of recognition for “exemplary preparation and professional use of an ePortfolio” within a specific discipline.

After the LUTE Award showcase, one student emailed,

“Just wanted to thank you for yesterday. It was a great event to converse professionally with people who are knowledgeable in the subject area. My district superintendent and my principle are very impressed by the award and more importantly, the work that was produced out of it. This has solidified my tenure, as it will be accepted on Monday, May 20th at the district board meeting.  Thank you very much for your work in making this science education program one that makes teachers strive to succeed.”

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