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Scaling Up: edTPA and Future Outcomes Assessment and Implementation Questions


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The Graduate Childhood Education program, in addition for preparing for the New York State edTPA teacher certification requirements, has begun scaling up to a Program ePortfolio in which students collect and reflect on key assignments in the program and across courses, throughout the two year program. This ePortfolio also supports future SPA reports connected to assessment outcomes for NCATE. Outcomes assessment in the Science Education program will also focus on the edTPA for programmatic assessment and accreditation.

While there is no doubt that addressing the teacher certification edTPA assessments is necessary for accreditation, the assessments will also be beneficial for asking other types of research questions (e.g., What are the benefits and challenges of a statewide use of ePortfolio in the teacher certification process? What is truly being illustrated and evaluated in the ePortfolio?) What also needs to be navigated is the extent to which the edTPA will have on existing ePortfolio pedagogy and assessment? This is currently a critical question in planning future ePortfolio implementation. These questions are at the forefront of the Science Education and Childhood Education Programs as well as for other education programs that have used ePortfolios in various ways prior to the implementation of the mandated edTPA.

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