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Leslie_Lieman_LehmanBlogLeslie Lieman, Educational Technology Coordinator, School of Education

Leslie Lieman was the lead facilitator for developing the ePortfolio initiative in the School of Education.¬† Her role has been essential for investigating program needs and providing support across the school as faculty negotiated implementation of ePortfolios. She runs professional development workshops for faculty and is now deeply engaged with students and faculty as they prepare for the edTPA portfolio teacher certification requirements. She has presented at local, state and national conferences on assessment and technology and the impact of ePortfolios in our graduate education programs. Leslie’s ePortfolio

Alexandria Ross, Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor, Childhood Graduate Program, Early Childhood and Childhood Education (ECCE)

For ten years, Dr. Aliex Ross implemented paper portfolios in her graduate courses. Dr. Ross set out to improve the paper portfolios already required for ECCE graduation and establish a developmental, transparent, and reflective ePortfolio practice within her program. Dr. Ross’s long-range goal is to implement ePortfolios throughout the Graduate Childhood Program and eventually to begin implementation of ePortfolios in the elementary Professional Development School (PDS) where she is a liaison. Dr. Ross has been taking the initiative to turnkey, share insights and introduce ePortfolios to the Lehman Early Childhood and Childhood Education Department (ECCE).

Wesley Pitts, Assistant Professor and Co-Coordinator, Graduate Program in Science Education, Middle and High School Education

Dr. Wesley Pitts is an Assistant Professor & Science Education Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Middle and High School Education. His research focuses on the teaching and learning of science as cultural enactment in urban secondary schools. He uses ePortfolios as part of a two-semester capstone project and has also incorporated the use of ePortfolios in professional development activities for in- and pre-service science teachers. The pilot projects began in the fall 2010 semester. He plans to turnkey the use of ePortfolios to science and math faculty.

LLOur Connect to Learning (C2L) leadership team serves as a support system as well as a think tank for scaling up ePortfolios into our programs. We consistently brainstorm how to bring program faculty into the ePortfolio experience. Regular monthly C2L meetings have provided the foundation for us to improve our own practice, consider ways that we can support and encourage other faculty to use ePortfolios, review data and prepare presentations.

The C2L Leadership Team plans a future of presentations about ePortfolio work. With 3-years worth of data, experience in using ePortfolios to meet State and National standards, incorporating new edTPA certification requirements, the C2L team feels confident that our learning and experience would benefit others.

We have also begun a collaboration with the School of Professional Studies (CUNY) and the American Museum of Natural History-Seminars in Science Series to help create an ePortfolio module for secondary teachers to implement in classrooms or for their own professional development (i.e. to use towards National Board Certification or tenure in a school district). Additionally, a collaborative effort has been established with the Chemistry Department at Adelphi University to use ePortfolios to demonstrate mastery learning in an advanced undergraduate biochemistry course.

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